What’s up with the toys?

The toy question is something that almost everyone asks us- second only to, “What’s the story with the name?”. We wanted the concept of imaging in our website to personally reflect us as designers and be colorful, fun and eye-catching.

While brainstorming ideas, we discovered that as children we played with toys that nurtured creativity. We even had some toy preferences in common. So, we chose images of toys that first inspired us to be creative, competitive and to be flexible in our thinking. The concept is colorful, fun and most of all, personal. It was fun thinking back to some of my favorite toys when growing up! Don’t be surprised if one day soon I manage to work in LiteBrite, SpinArt, and Squand!

Oh and BTW- a dragonfly is nimble, fast, efficient and beautiful… and, it’s a predator. ;)

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