Make Reading Interesting

Most of the time a message is presented in words rather than a photo or graphic. If the user is not engaged enough to read because the content is not interesting, the website will fail to convey the message. Text should be presented in a way that the website user finds interesting to read.

Here are some considerations for making web content compelling:

• Navigation links
The navigation plays an important role in making the content interesting and digestible. Changes in the navigation can be as simple as the removal of the useless links or could turn out to be complicated and involve research in user methods.

• Leave some breathing room
When the text looks cluttered, the chances of the user skipping it increases because it appears tedious to read. The text needs to be legible. White space and typography play a critical role in making the content look readable and interesting. Appropriate space between the letters and words make the text look appealing. A sudden change in the font for a certain word or phrase is usually successful in drawing attention. The size of the text needs to be appropriate- too small it is going to be difficult to read and the user may lose interest.

• Allow for expansion
At times, the user sets a specific font size as a default size and the resolution of the screen of some users can vary. When designing the website the designer needs to consider this factor and allow for graceful expansion.

• Limit distractions
A lot of ads on the page can be a distraction for the website user. The web page should not have so many ads that it detracts from the main text content of the page.

• Use Google Analytics- It’s free!
A wealth of information about the website can be obtained through Google Analytics. Knowing what part of the website is being viewed more by the users and which part is being ignored or avoided, is valuable information. Based on the statistics revealed by Google Analytics, content and design changes can be strategic and meaningful.

• Eye friendly content
A bold heading or short sentence should summarize all important points so the reader can scan the page for relevant information. Bullet points can do the same for content within a text block.

• Know the target market
If the user isn’t interested in the content it’s obvious that it won’t get read. Keep the content relevant to the target market demographics- and add to it and change it often. Fresh is always better :)

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