Benefits of Re-designing a Website

One look at an out-dated web design, and the user clicks away. Why? Well, a website that looks old might also contain older or irrelevant content and doesn’t inspire confidence. The look of the online environment changes fast and your website needs to absorb these changes to evolve with it. While content managed websites can provide dynamic and timely information, it’s a waste of effort if the design fails to give the right impression.

Updated web content is essential but corporate clients should also look at periodically refreshing if not re-designing the site. Visual information is processed quickly and links directly to an emotional response. A current look will maintain your brand image, reflect market trends and generally show the world that your business is vibrant and competitive.

Re-designing your website doesn’t mean that you need to start from scratch. A web designer can suggest visual and technical ideas that compliment, extend or enhance your brand. The change doesn’t need to be complex to create visual impact. For example a color that was previously used as an accent takes center stage or new images boldly fill the background. Making sure your website looks current will go a long way towards retaining your target audience.

Also, take this opportunity to learn from the past and use this information to streamline the website. You may find that users are looking for a certain functionality that a new tool or widget could provide. Evaluate your content and re-organize according to new business initiatives. Implementing updated technologies will enhance the speed and efficiency of your website and better SEO techniques will improve your search rankings. Finally, consider the benefits of re-designing your website to tablet and smart-phone platforms, as well as multiple monitor sizes. With all the mobile users out there, it’s definitely worth it.

A lot has changed in the recent past and your online presence is expected to keep up. So, if your website looks the same as it did five years ago, it’s time to revitalize.

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