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What’s up with the toys?

The toy question is something that almost everyone asks us- second only to, “What’s the story with the name?”. We wanted the concept of imaging in our website to personally reflect us as designers and be colorful, fun and eye-catching.

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Web design: The color story

We humans are hard-wired by evolution to make judgements and decisions without much time or thought. We’ve all made these types of quick decisions based on instinct and little else. Considering that the bounce rate off a website is 8 … Continue reading

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Is this the end of Flash? Well. . . maybe.

Flash animation gave us high hopes for free form motion design on the Web. Finally, designers were able to position objects where we wanted, make them move, transform, scale and do all sorts of visual effects. All of this, with … Continue reading

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Responsive design: The basics are important

Ever have someone complain about your Website not working well on a smartphone? Anyone every try to tell you need a separate Website to achieve this? Run into a little sticker shock when your agency gave you a price?

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